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Urban planning concepts often concentrate on genderless and disembodied people, ignoring the fact of diverse societal conditions of women and men in different age-groups, classes, with and without migration background.

The project intersectional map/graz08 focuses on gender, ethnicity, age and class as axes of inequality in the structure of urban spaces. The relationships among multiple dimensions itself is an important category of analysis. The creation of urban spaces as “intersectional spaces” will be illustrated on the basis of a scientific motion study in the city of Graz. In which way do women and men use public spaces and streets in the city of Graz? - How do people with migrant background use the city compared to people with non-migrant background ? 

Four mobile, interactive media installations in shop windows of supermarkets, city libraries, shops and educational institutions act as instruments to navigate through the intersectional map.

intersectional map - Interface

The interface gives you the opportunity for an expedition in a new generated city map – the intersectional map – of Graz. (>download)



Grazer Jugendstudie nutzt das intersectional map Interface zur Darstellung der Erschließung der Stadt durch Jugendliche.

intersectional map /graz08

>> 6min, Flash-Video       (english version)